Automatic & Continuous

Third-Party Risk Management

Better & Faster Risk-Management: Lema seamlessly correlates third-party information from artifacts, your existing technical stack, and intelligence feeds, providing real-time context for taking risk-mitigating actions.

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What Lema can do for You

Assess a third-party in

<5 Minutes

Instantly detect

Actionable Findings

Detect increases in

Inherent Risk

in real-time

Match 3rd-Party


against frameworks, controls & regulations

Real-Time, Always Up-to-Date Third-Party Inventory

Lema instantly creates an always-up-to-date third-party inventory, eliminating manual spreadsheet management. Never be surprised by a business engagement with any vendor, service provider, contractor, or partner.

Automatic Third-Party Artifact Gap Analysis

The LLeMa fine-tuned LLM module automatically analyzes your third-party artifacts, extracting the critical pieces of risk information and detecting gaps based on your compliance controls and risk appetite.

Get Alerts to New Risks... Before They Blow Up

Lema’s Proactive TPRM module automatically detects changes in third-party risk by monitoring third-party engagements and external intelligence feeds, alerting you to new risks and suggesting mitigating actions.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Lema is a game-changer. By combining multiple complex data sources in real-time into a holistic third-party view, Lema enables organizations to proactively take risk-mitigating actions based on the actual context of their 3rd-party interactions with its assets.

Gregory Rasner

Author and CEO, Third Party Threat Hunting

Lema bridges the gap between GRC process and third party operations to provide full context around third party risks - risk exposure, compliance and, importantly, actionable context when third parties are breached.

Karl Mattson

Field CISO, Noname

Compares Third-Party Promises to Actual Behaviour

Lema bridges the gap between the GRC and operational processes, continuously monitoring discrepancies between agreed-upon terms and the actual operational behavior of third-parties.

Continuous Third-Party Reassessment

Lema continuously monitors changes in the inherent risk of third-parties and automatically reassesses them against previous evaluations, alerting you to new risks and suggesting targeted mitigating actions.

Increase Management Buy-In with One-Click Reports

Lema’s one-click reports allow you to instatly create simple, non-technical reports  that outline to management the state and effectiveness of your TPRM program.